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ASP.NET Web Applications

Spoken Language

Course will be in English, as long as there is someone who officialy does not understand Estonian (Erasmus students).
Materials and code is always in English.


Lead by Andres Käver andres.kaver

Assistant Teachers (& uni-id):

  • Kerman Saapar kesaap
  • Mikk Raba mikk.raba


  • 20p theoretical quiz – on paper (or in moodle when needed), multiple choice questions, no outside help .
  • 30p practical exam - everything is allowed
  • 50p home project – no teams
  • 0-50: FAIL, >50: 1, >60: 2, >70: 3, >80: 4, >90: 5
  • Every grade part has >50% requirement

Notes about grading

  • Home assignment grade can’t be higher than practical examination
  • How could you do your homework at max, and then fail practical exam?

Home project

  • 50 points
  • No official teams - project presentation is individual
  • Final project defence – 20 points
  • X milestones, every milestone gives 30/X points
  • X – is anywhere from 1 - 20
  • Every milestone has deadline, every day over deadline removes 10% of this deadlines points
  • you can plagiarize everything, referencing the source of code is not mandatory

  • 1-3 member teams + teacher/TA’s

    • No running away of learning it all
    • Medium complexity projects (pizza ordering with cost splitting, home meal planner)
    • Practical (your own) project is highly recommended!

Do not leave all work for the last week! It's too much to get it done in few days.

  • End result:

    • Deployed ASP.NET Web application (serverside html rendering) (Azure/Aws/…)
    • Role based granular access (Users and Roles)
    • UI and Content translations
    • full i18n support
    • DateTime handling
  • Project evaluation

    • Teacher/TA's are like an angel investors
    • Your project does not have to be ready for worldwide full production usage.
    • But it must be at level, where potential investor would understand, that you and your work is good enough for seed investment (or hiring you)


Student projects (all grading is based on git history and content)

Git repo has to be named
NB! if you take the ditributed course also - use it's repository.

Please add teacher and all TA's as developers into your git repo.

  • andres.kaver
  • mikk.raba
  • kesaap

Put in root folder, with your name, uni-id and student code

Course demos

Look also at WebApps with C# course demos

Do not forget to add .gitignore to your repository. You can use these:


  • App architectural structure (The Flower)
  • How to share work between different courses (JS, ASP, Mobile, Hybrid)
  • Quick demo