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Hybrid Mobile Apps


Lead by Andres Käver andres.kaver 😎

Assistant Teachers (& uni-id):

  • Kerman Saapar kesaap
  • Mikk Raba mikk.raba

Skills needed (and/or learned)

  • HTML and CSS (html5, css3, web worker, IndexedDB)
  • Javascript (async, promises, modules)
  • Typescript
  • Modern frontend development tools and frameworks
    • webpack, node, npm, uglify, react, vue, etc
  • Java
  • C#
  • Swift


Projects in git - – log in with Uni-ID

  • Git repo has to be named exactly: icd0018-23f
  • All projects in same repo, in diferent directories
  • Take care of .gitignore
  • Add andres.kaver, kesaap, mikk.raba - as developers

  • Grade is based on projects (all mandatory)
  • 2-3-X projects on every technology

Demo projects, etc.