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HW 02


Leg 1

Deadline: 2022-10-13 23:59:59


Construct calculator UI

  • Number/result display - always full screen width, custom LCD font
  • Buttons layout - support rotation
    • hide one column of buttons between landscape and portrait rotation
    • or move on row of buttons from landscape column to portrait row
  • use styles, design everything nicely (rounded buttons), color changes on button presses, etc
  • how to scale text on buttons?
  • support all screen sizes (phone and tablet) and rotation

Leg 2

Deadline: 2022-10-20 23:59:59

  • Implement calculation functions (validate inputs).
  • Store calculations and their results in db. (Paper roll calculator).
  • Create view to filter and show done calculations (based on datetime range, result range).
  • Keep state of current calculation on rotation
  • Keep state of current calculation on app close based on settings (separate view, sharedprefs)
  • Bonus task - color schema change based on settings (sharedpref)