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Native Mobile Apps Development


Lead by Andres Käver andres.kaver

Assistant Teachers (& uni-id):

  • Kerman Saapar kesaap
  • Mikk Raba mikk.raba


  • X home projects (divided to legs ), max 70 points total in sum. Every home project leg gives 70/(amount of legs) points. All home projects are mandatory.
  • X - unknown, usually 4-10.
  • Final project - 30 points. Divided to legs, every leg gives 30/(amount of legs) points.

Every leg has deadline and minimum requirements, every day over deadline reduces score by 5%.
All projects/legs are mandatory, even in case of 0 points.

Final score: 70 points + 30 points = 100 points
Grade according to points: 0-50: FAIL, >50: 1, >60: 2, >70: 3, >80: 4, >90: 5


  • No official teams - project presentation/code review is individual
  • you can plagiarize everything, referencing the source of code is not mandatory


Student projects (all grading is based on git history and content)

Git repos have to be named
icd0022-23f-|hw name| - replace |hw name| with your project name
Create in root directory with your full name, student code, school email and uni-id.

Please add teacher and all TA's as developers into all your git repos.

Course demos


Do not leave all the work for the last week!