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Hw final

Project/Homeworks requirements for successful defence

DeadLine When you defend your home project

HW Final requirements

Min 8 functional entities - not including trivial m:m in-between tables, identity tables and language string / translation tables.

Layered clean architecture with:

  • Domain
  • DAL
  • BLL
  • Web

and DTO mapping between every layer. DAL is using Entity Framework.
Swagger with XML docs. API versioning support. Identity support (JWT and refresh tokens). App and client (if js client) hosted in docker cloud somewhere (azure for example).


And of course - fully functional client app with usable UI/UX. Frontend design library (bootstrap, materialize, tailwind, ...) is your choice. No basic CRUD application.

Web controllers/actions/resources have to be correctly secured - if resources are user specific then only correct user can access and modify these.

Update your documentation to analyze what/why you did do and what did you finally achieved. Explain your app architecture. All the documentation has to be up-to-date with final project (erd schema).

Unit Tests
Cover (100% code coverage) one (the main one!) custom service and base service with unit tests.

Integration tests
Cover main happy flow through your web app with integration test (register user, log-in, search product, add into cart, finalize purchase, pay, logout,... etc). If you are sharing poject with ASP course, then both ways - via MVC and via API. hw-final

Backend and frontend hosted and running in cloud provider (azure).