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Homework 01

Leg 1

Project proposal

Deadline 26.02.2023 23:59:59

Expected project size:
Minimal 8 entities, not counting many:many in-between tables, logging, translations and identity tables (user, role, user_in_role, etc).

Analysis chapter is mandatory, min one page of why-what discussion.

Some previous works (not necessarily the best examples):

Do not copy over your Database course work as-is. Please add analysis and screen sketches.


Domain models have to be created in code also.
Please also generate MVC WEB CRUD controllers for all your entities (not identity) (mvc crud controllers can be deleted later on).
Verify your db model manually using these controllers.
User, Role and UserRole are provided by framework. So, user creation, login, etc. - we use framework provided functionality. Base class for users is IdentityUser - you just inherit from that (or define your own initially).


Language: English (preferred) or Estonian.

Full ERD Schema (UML, ....) - including attributes (use vertabelo, qsee, lucidchart, etc).
Project description - what, why, what is your motivation, how will world be better, etc. Basically, final thesis intro.
Actual content - minimum one A4.
All visual documents as source and pdf-s in git.
Pdf also uploaded to course moodle (

Add main client positive flow screens sketches (use some prototyping tool - figma, adobe xd, sketch, axure, invision, etc. - digitized pencil and paper is also ok).
For example, - Home screen, restoran discovery, order process, payment, delivery.

If you don't have your own project idea, implement/plan one of these:

  • Restaurant food ordering system (like wolt/bolt), non-profit. Restaurants can set up their own data and clients can order and do their own pick-up. Enduser client, Restoran client, Restoran admin interface, System admin.
  • SalonInfra (beauty salon registration system) replacement.

Project description - using of school written policy is mandatory.

Andres Käver ramblings about final thesis - for some inspiration (in Estonian):
Final Thesis Guide EST

English by google translate: Final Thesis Guide ENG

Your project document's need to stay in sync as your project evolves.
When you need to switch a project topic (which is totally ok) - project documentation needs to be rewritten.

Identity ERD

Identity ERD PDF

Identity ERD in Lucidchart