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Examination 2023 spring

  • Exam dates

    • 2023-05-19
    • 2023-06-02
    • 2023-06-09
  • All exams start at 09:00 with theory - skip the questions on the subject you are not taking

  • All subjects together - Distributed, JS, Asp
  • You can only come to examination if your home project (and homeworks) are defended
  • HW Defence days (requires preregistration):

Please register yourself (using your full name!) to only one day and one timeslot! We will delete multiple registrations.

Don't leave your HW defence till the very end - you might not get the timeslot for defence.

Please register in Doodle the timeslot when ideally you would defend your project. Keep in mind that this does not guarantee that the defense takes place exactly during the registered slot and instead it might be pushed later. There's always a chance that there are too many students or that defences before take longer. View the time as indicative and/or earliest chance.